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Free US virtual phone number can be very handy if you want to verify your Gmail account, PayPal, Facebook or any other USA mobile number required website. You don’t need to buy anything special for this number neither you have to buy any credits to receive a call. Normally sites gives you option to verify account via SMS or Voice call and in our case Voice call is the best option. You will receive this call straight on your computer via VOIP so you don’t need any physical mobile handset. We are also inducing the SMS service which is working at the time of writing this post but you can try your luck.
1- visit and click on Sign Up Free button. Fill the small form with your valid details and verify your email.

2- After verification login into your account and please make sure that Adobe Flash is installed an activated on your internet browser. Now you need to enter the USA area code which you can find from Search Any USA City Name For Area Code on Google.

3- After entering the area code it will show you the USA phone number instantly which you can use on any site. You can also enable calls if you want but SMS also works fine here.

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