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There are many IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) out there for Java. The one I use is JCreator because it has a very nice interface, uses very little memory and is extremely easy to use. This article will guide you through all the steps needed to start programming in Java.

Download and Install the Java SDK

This is the Java compiler meaning this will enable your computer to compile and run Java programs, compared to the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) which allows you to run Java programs but not compile them. The file is quite large (60 megabytes) so it may take a while to finish downloading; installation is simple, just use all the defaults. The Java directory should be something like C:\Program Files\Java. Where ever you install it, make sure you remember!

Download JCreator

Downloading this may also take a while but it is dail-up friendly. I recommend downloading the most recent version of JCreator; however, some people may require you to use past versions. After you download, install with the default settings. Open up JCreator and go to Configure - Options. On the left, go to JDK Profiles and delete everything you see (if you see any). Click on New and go to the directory you installed the Java SDK. This will link the SDK with JCreator so it can actually start compiling.

Start a New Program

After all of this, you'll be able to start a new program. Don't be intimidated by JCreator's start page. I recommend you not read the tutorials they have; instead, find a step-by-step tutorial on the internet or follow this brief tutorial for the "Hello World" program. To make this, you'll need to create a new File. Go to File-New-File... Now, click on Main Class on the right side, leave everything else as is. Name the file "Hello" or something similar; however, remember the name including any capitalizations.

JCreator will automatically write some of the code needed to run the program. If you prefer a blank file, select Blank File during the instructions. In this case, leave it as it is and type "System.out.println("hello world");" in the brackets after "public static void main(String[] args)". It should look like this:

Now go to Build-Compile File in the menu. Then Build-Execute File. This will compile and execute the code which should display "hello world" at the bottom (or in a command prompt under previous versions of JCreator).
Congratulations, you've made your first program with JCreator!

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Learn Java in Urdu Hindi. Watch Complete Tutorials and Learn Complete Java Language in Few Days.

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